This is the Rose, during stages of being built.  It is ready for delivery to Texas now.  We used many of our customer's favorite furniture to finish the home with.

Please be patient with us and not take the prices below as written in stone, (like diamond), we are trying to put a realist set price up but at this point we are doing one custom home designed for someone like you.  Every individual has specific wants and needs making the finished price harder and harder for us to just guess.  Guessing makes both builder and customer a looser.  We would rather you think of these as rough numbers that include all the quality finishes we are known for.


Finished homes include everything except furniture:

  • Insulation in walls and roof with interior finish options

  • LED light fixtures places in ceiling throughout your house

  • On-Demand Propane Hot Water Heater

  • Freestanding 20 in. stove and oven with battery spark ignition.  May be upgraded to a larger model with other colors than white available for a small fee.

  • 10 c.u. white refrigerator with top freezer with depth of 24”. Stainless steel and other sizes available for small fee.

  • IKEA cabinetry with many  options without upgrading!

  • Corian counter-tops with round over edges and back splash. Many style options available 

  • Deep single IKEA or similar white sink with faucet fixture, pullout sprayer, and soap dispenser.

  • Flush toilet is included. Other options are available such as a composting toilet.** We can still put in the plumbing to make changing from a composting toilet to a flush easy!

  • Propane furnace selected for the size of the home, ducted for warmth in all areas

  • Standard RV hookups with 50 amp plug for power

  • Lights to run on 12 volt  circuit or 120 depending on customer need

  • Closet, ½ size with bar and two to three deep drawers underneath, with larger homes we include a second closet.

  • Shower

  • Walls finished in the customer's choice (drywall may crack and is heavy.  We prefer to use products other than drywall)**

  • Overhead lights**

  • Exterior lighting**

  • Wired for electrical with installed converter for 12 volt and 120 volt

  • 1 medium sized propane bottle full and gas lines in place for all appliances and furnace ready to be lit

  • Standard utilities

  • Washer/Dryer combination (only in 24 ft. and longer homes)

**Prices listed are base price. We work with each customer individually and determine a budget for every home. Costs of upgrades on standard finishes and any specialized custom design work will be determined at your consultation, and included in the final price. 

All shell homes have the following included:

  • Patent pending custom trailers that have the axle capacity to carry a traveling home (Our nationally known trailer manufacturer has over 62 years of custom fabrication experience)

  • Trailers have electric assist brakes on every wheel

  • Total axle capacity ranges from 14,000-21,000 lbs. depending on the size of tiny house

  • Homes are framed to travel. International Residential Codes are applied when applicable.  End walls meet and exceed IRC requirements to ensure stability of sheer panels

  • Home is securely bolted through the steel of trailer up through bottom plate of house

  • Floor is 3/4” tongue and grove OSB (oriented strand board) glued on with liquid nails & shot with 8 penny nail and 2 1/4” ring shank nail

  • Walls framed with standard 2” X 4” on 16” center stacked on top of floor joists for added strength for roof. End  walls are double sheered containing both a California joint and Ladder joint for added strength. Framing terms may vary from region to region

  • Rafters framed out of 2” X 6”  ready for insulation

  • All interior walls framed and ready for finish

  • Loft or lofts built with 1” X 6” planks tongue and grove detail

  • 1/2” OSB plywood to exterior walls and roof, glued, stapled and screwedl

  • Exterior house wrapped with Tyvek Homewrap, breathable and waterproof, prevents cold or hot air sneaking in

  • Windows (Jeldwen low-E double pane) and exterior door swinging in. Upgrades may be done for swing of door to the outside and or double doors etc.

  • Steel Roof shape and color will be decided customers

  • Exterior siding, trim, paint, with several choices for finish

  • Rough plumbing ( everything inside the walls for sink, shower, drains for shower and toilet) done with PEX.

  • Rough electrical (everything inside walls) 4 different circuits, lights and furnace set up to run on 12 volt battery if necessary, refrigerator, oven and stove need outside source to run on 120

  • Electrical boxes inside and two outside per residential code

  • Ready for insulation

  • Coax cable wired starting outside for satellite hookup with interior wiring where television (if desired) will be placed

Additional Options For Fee

  • Murphy bed on main level, up to queen size with storage on both sides

  • French doors exiting on passenger side or drivers side of tow truck.

  • Second door

  • Staircase rather than ladder

  • Furniture

  • Blinds and drapery for windows

  • Dishwasher

  • Second exterior door

  • Cedar siding

Traveling from outside Colorado?

Great! Here's a peek into our process for out-of-state customers:

We want to know your vision for your tiny home, and we approach all of our work from a relational perspective.  We meet you at the airport, drive back to our home, and provide a guided tour of the model currently located on our driveway.  After spending time chatting about the intricacies of a tiny home, I make a meal for us. During your trip, we help you chose many of the finishes.  

If there is time during your trip, we would love to take you up to Red Rocks and share some of the beauty of our state.  Some customers chose to stay overnight at a hotel close by.

This valuable time is an important component toward making your home purchase a success.

Interested in purchasing a Tiny Diamond Home?

The first step is to fill out the contact us form and click submit:).

Beetle Kill walls and graywalnut cabinets.

Beetle Kill walls and graywalnut cabinets.


Lately, we are being approached for the need of consulting whether it be design and /or other things.  This service would start at $35 per hour for design consult and much more with myself Cheryl Coates. My husband Steve is willing to mentor hands on skills for $50 per hour.  We want those who want to build their own they can. We will use your time very efficiently sending you have with lots of things to consider and in investigate to ensure you have does exactly what you envision.  It takes practice to know what a client is have with her final decision.  Our goal is to get it right the first time~

Please visit our Contact Us page to send us a message.

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Our lofts are as large as you want!  This means "yes" to a king-sized bed! We were the first to put large enough windows for fire escape!


Want a main-level bedroom we can do this and help you make the right decision.

Every Tiny Diamond Home is different because we listen to what you want!

We build for you!  We will want to know your vision and what your needs and wants are before we start.

$1,000 discount for cash purchase.

Need Financing? Indicate this when you fill out a contact form, and we can get you connected!


Baguette all first 30 ft. caboose!

Baguette all first 30 ft. caboose!