Tiny Diamond Homes takes protecting a family's heart to the next level. Only a "diamond" has the strength to endure the unique stresses of the road. A tiny home may endure thousands of miles of hurricane force winds and earthquake-like shaking that can threaten to rip the tiny home to pieces. Our homes stay stable and secure. It takes a master to design, cut, and frame a tiny home that continues to sparkle for generations.

"Purple Monster", Finished 38' x 10', Gooseneck


"Rose", Finished 38', Gooseneck



The Blue Caboose a 30 ft. Tiny Diamond Home


"Brilliant", Finished 30', Offset Gable Roof


"Radiant", 32' with Additional 2' Storage Built for Outdoor Gear


"Emerald", Finished 20', Our Very First Tiny House!


"Princess", Finished 24', Used as Our Tour Model