Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tiny Home?

A tiny home, also referred to as "micro-housing", is a fully equipped living space with a small footprint. The facilities for sleeping, cooking, eating, bathing – all the necessities – are included. Tiny homes can be built on a trailer appropriate for moving the home across long distances, or on a permanent foundation.

How big do your houses go?

Our tiny homes are 400 sq. feet and under. However, goose-necks and lofts add additional square footage without adding width for easier transportation. It's more space than you think!

Are your tiny homes on wheels RVIA certified? 

We are not currently RV certified. Why? RV certification would mean having to classify our tiny homes as unsuitable for year-round living, which is not true. We build tiny homes according to the highest standards, to last a lifetime!

What do people use a tiny home for?

Tiny homes have as many uses as people have creative ideas! From permanent housing solutions, to "mother-in-law" cottages, to mobile healthcare services, to mobile hair salons, to a vacation home, to any kind of accessory dwelling, the uses can go on and on!

What location options do I have for where I live in my tiny home?

If you plan to live in your tiny home full-time, you will need to research local codes and ordinances in the locations you plan to park the home (if it is on wheels), or build the home on a permanent foundation. Your options for location will vary according to use. Location-specific research is one of the most important aspects of deciding to purchase a tiny home. It is great to do some research before coming to us with your ideas. 

Do you have a home built that I can just purchase now?

We do have a model available for you to see and buy if you love it as much as we do. We understand this is a huge purchase and encourage all our customers to visit us in Colorado. If you are out of state and love our homes, we want to meet you too! We will come pick you up and take you back to Denver’s airport personally. During your visit you will have the opportunity to check out the model, enjoy a home cooked meal, and make decisions about the finishes you want in your home. We want our out of state customers to know us and we want to know you so that we can personalize your tiny house to match your vision as much as possible. In order to make this affordable and will deduct $500 off the final payment of your home if you choose to purchase one of our homes after an out-of-state visit.

Are there any communities already established?

There are a growing number of people interested in cooperating in this way, though these communities are still in the works. Let us know if this is an area you are interested in pursuing.

How quick can I have my house?

We can build a custom tiny home in 10 weeks.  

They look so small. Is there room for a dishwasher? Laundry?

Don't worry there is plenty of room for a dishwasher and space to do laundry. Although a tiny home has a small footprint we have the experience to make every inch count.but we make every inch count – there is room for a dishwasher, washer/dryer unit, shower, refrigerator, and stove, all the comforts of home. Instead of building floor-plans based on squeezing as much as possible into a tiny home, we maximize all available space to ensure the necessities of daily life can be achieved in a stylish, modern, and sustainable way.

Do you deliver? How do I get my home from there, to here?

Our tiny home can shipped anywhere a professional shipper will go and they are extremely reasonable. Our custom trailers with our homes attached have received excellent ratings from the professional shippers.

I want to be "off grid." Can you build my tiny home this way?

We get this question a lot and our standard reply is, “What do you define as “off grid”? We encourage you to read online forums about the various ways of living "off grid". It can vary from person to person and we are willing to work with whatever needs you have regarding this area. 

Solar? Electric? Water? Wastewater Handling?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. We can help you with all of this. 

I will be taking my home to a very cold climate. Will the pipes freeze?

We have specifically designed our layout for sustainability in cold climates. All of our interior plumbing is inside the insulation to prevent freezing during winter months or in a cold climate.  The drains are all in a very small area that can be boxed in with insulation and wrapped in heat tape.  This enclosed area, if necessary, can be further warmed with a light bulb.


What are the options for roof-lines?

There are several options that can be safely built with the minimum required pitch for all weather conditions, which we can discuss prior to building your home.

Can we change the look of the exterior?

Yes, of course! The exterior can be easily changed to a rustic or seaside cottage look and still ensure the tiny home will be safe on the road. We will show you choices that meet both our high standards and local fire codes as well. It takes a gallon of paint and a day to change the color of our tiny houses. We have several photo albums of our work to help you out. Check out our Gallery page to see projects we've done in the past. 

Can I design the interior of the home to my liking? I have a great little program on my iPad...

Unlike a conventional home, Tiny Homes must be built to sustain the unique forces endured while moving. The location of certain areas of the home are carefully designed for safety, durability, and for the creation of functional space. 

What options do I have for interior materials like flooring, walls, etc.?

This is part of the fun. We want to make your home unique to you and we help the creativity flow with showing you multiple options for interiors. 

I have trouble with stairs. What are my options for sleeping quarters?

Stairs can be hazardous, and our goal from the beginning has been to make our homes accessible for everyone. Need to sleep on the main level?  We have the answers for you.

Can you build as a 5th wheel?

Yes, and the joy of this is being able to separate the adults from the teenagers in opposite ends of the home.  This trailer design also provides areas for drainage inside the insulation without sacrificing structure.

What will it cost to have my tiny home built?

See our Pricing page.

How will payment work? What do you need from me to get this started?

You have two options: cash or loan. We currently have a lender who can work with you. They offer loans to our customers that have the income to make payments and who have a good credit history. The home acts as collateral for the home. We would be more than happy to connect interested customers with our lender.

These homes seem more expensive than I expected them to be. What’s the deal?

The market-value of a home depends on many factors, including its permanent location. If you would be better off purchasing a home on a foundation, at a price suitable for that location, we encourage you to do so! We are focused on safety and the longevity of our homes, which is why we use the best materials including our patent pending custom trailer. We know tiny homes aren’t for everyone, and we want everyone to find the best housing for their individual situation.

Will you build a home and sell it to me on a lease-purchase agreement?

This is not an option for us at this time.  We are a small family company doing our best to grow our business slowly with hands-on quality control.

I want to save money. Will you build using reclaimed materials?

We appreciate your desire to save money, and share your commitment to sustainable practices. Our commitment to quality and safety prevents us from using reclaimed materials for the major structural components of the tiny home. Any painted wood before 1978 needs to be tested for lead and handled as carefully as asbestos.  We use all new materials for our tiny homes and only products that ensure air quality. You do have the option of purchasing just the shell from us, and then finishing out the interior on your own, with materials of your choice. See our Pricing page for our prices.

Money is no object: will you let me select unique, high-quality and high-tech materials and appliances that will make my tiny home really stand out in the crowd?

We ask that materials conform to our standards of safety and durability. Tiny Home owners on any budget can benefit from the packages we offer. See the Pricing page for more information.

Read all you can!

Tiny Diamond Homes specializes in building safe, durable, and beautiful Tiny Homes on wheels. We want our customers to be happy in their homes and want them to be equipped with everything needed for a joyful and sustainable "tiny" life.  

A growing number of customers have questions about living "off grid," or living "green."  Others have questions about where they can permanently park their Tiny Home.  We recommend you research your options carefully, and communicate your plans clearly at the outset of your consultation with our Tiny Home designer.  We will try to accommodate your needs, though our priority will be safety and compliance with building codes and best practices. 

Below are some links to information that may help you prepare for the initial build of your Tiny Home, as well as additions and upgrades you can make yourself (or with other installers) once your Tiny Home on wheels is complete!

Zoning And Land Use

American Tiny House Association

Living Legally in your Tiny Home: How to approach your local authorities.

Water Conservation (in Colorado)

Rainwater Collection in Colorado: Rain Barrels now legal. Click here for the rules!

How much rain could be collected from a Tiny Home roof? How to calculate.

Planning for water usage: statistics

Composting and Waste Management

Humanure Handbook

Humanure Headquarters

Greywater Handling

Solar and other Alternative Energy sources

Choosing the size of your solar energy system

How Do I Connect with the Tiny House Community?

How Do I Move My Tiny House?

Tiny House Transport aka Showroom Transport has proven to us their professionalism by delivering over six Tiny Diamond Homes in the last two years.  The drivers have always been qualified, personal able, helpful to our customers on delivery and more.  They provide insurance during transport and a plate if needed.  Click below and call.  Our next one will be heading from Morrison, Colorado to Houston, Texas for only $2200!  Tiny House Transport are the only ones we trust with our homes and they have proven over and over why we continue to use them!

Tiny House Transport


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