Tiny Diamond Homes takes protecting a family's heart to the next level. Only a "diamond" has the strength to endure the unique stresses of the road. A tiny home may endure thousands of miles of hurricane force winds and earthquake-like shaking that can threaten to rip the tiny home to pieces. Our homes are framed and finished to last! It takes a master to design, cut, and frame a tiny home that continues to sparkle for generations.

At last Jaden's Tiny Diamond Home is finished!

If possible, the first step is a tour of our model so that you can stand in a tiny house on wheels!  Currently their are only two of us providing this and we believe in giving individual tours so we can focus on you.  The first visit I am trying to keep it to 45 minutes rather than overloading you with too much information at once.  I could spend four hours with each person and not even touch all of the details.

I have created a form I named "Vision Questions" to help those interested in moving forward.  After the first visit I become a consultant for an hourly fee of $35.  We made this hard decision to charge an hourly fee because my time is valuable and I believe in helping everyone for unlimited time for free.  Once you have signed a contract with us we will apply this fee towards your purchase since all consulting is included with your home.  


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Our company listens, getting to know the families we build for, to help their dream sparkle with quality and strength for generations to come.