Tiny Diamond Homes believe it "Starts" with their custom trailer.

Tiny Diamond Homes patent pending goose-neck trailer!

Tiny Diamond Homes patent pending goose-neck trailer!

Our Tiny Diamond Homes start with our personally designed custom trailer. This trailer addresses issues of concern found by Tiny Diamond Homes. When tiny homes on trailers are towed at 65 mph across thousands of miles they face unique stresses such as hurricane force like winds and earthquake like shaking for hours at a time. We believe what will fly off will and what can move will. We engineered our trailers to become the best foundation possible.

What did we consider to be the best foundation possible? We learned from our very first tiny house build, which we attached to an $1800 used auto-transport trailer purchased from a neighbor around the corner. At the time, five years ago, this type of trailer was considered the best to build a tiny home on. Our used trailer had dual axles each one with the capacity to carry 3500 lbs. which should be able to easily carry a 5-6 thousand pound home.

Experience gave us the knowledge to change tiny homes forever. Very few builders brought a lifetime of traditional residential construction into the layout, design, and First, we noticed very few owners of tiny homes on wheels had weighed their trailers with the attached home. We have the experience to build our homes to last. We can build just about anything but won’t. We have certain standards personally and professionally for our homes. If the design the custom brings to us doesn’t make sense, or isn’t structural sound, or you will functional hate it later, and/or we wouldn’t be proud of the house, we will not build it. We have turned down more projects than anyone could guess but we have a duty to only build what we feel professional will be a great house. We want people to know that we believe in the following:

Tiny Diamond Homes takes protecting a family's heart to the next level. Only a "diamond" has the strength to endure the unique stresses of the road. 

A tiny home may endure thousands of miles of hurricane force winds and earthquake-like shaking that can threaten to rip the tiny home to pieces. Our homes stay stable and secure. 

It takes a master to design, cut, and frame a tiny home that continues to sparkle for generations.