Where does the drive to design and build come from?

Since we launched Tiny Diamond Homes in 2012, we have had thousands of people contact us about building their tiny house design.  The numbers of visitors that have toured our homes is now over 35,000 and climbing.  It's hard to imagine these numbers but yet I do because I personal spoke with each one.  Their stories are similar within each demographic and all have spent hours dreaming, drawing, sharing, designing and revising their tiny homes.  What drives this desire for change?  They shared and I believe it is more than just simplifying their lives.  The desire isn't all just about money or too many things; it's about learning more about ourselves and what it takes to care for ourselves.

I grew up in the 1960s-70s knowing part of my father's job was moving where the government wanted him to work.  Yes, I am the youngest of the generation called the "baby boomers" who are now trying to prepare for retirement.  Many may think that it is time to save the planet, by using less and simplifying our lives but let's remember this didn't just start yesterday.

My father was a brilliant chemist with the goal to reverse the damage done by the pollution of the world.  I don't know too many kids that weren't allowed to have a diet drink in the 1960s and 70s, but my dad insisted the chemicals used caused cancer and he was right.  Acid rain, frog mutations, and the plight of our eagles from insecticides that protected our vegetables but softened the shells of the eagles eggs. I learned about lead poisoning and where lead was hidden in our paint, gas, and plumbing.  Asbestos could be found in the siding of older homes, around pipes, and in the linoleum floors of these older homes.  I now see some people recycling materials without checking for these contaminants. Please acknowledge that our parents and their parents knew the problems our earth would face and they took action.

For generations now many of us have been almost nomads with most of our relatives too far away to support and pass on their hard earned wisdom.   Were you told "Home is where the heart is"?  What does this really mean?  Was it words of wisdom to help us to help us cope with the nomad lifestyle?   Are we starting to feel the loss of our roots?  Is this a side effect of our technological advancements?  

It seems to me, that this movement has been not just about simplifying ones life but also wanting to be mentally and physically involved in the aspects of our life that scientific advancements separate us from.  In many ways, I believe we are searching for our roots and ourselves by the desire of being independent and self-sufficient without the aid of modern society.    I know most of us have seen the words somewhere that we can all build our own homes with just a couple of hand tools and a little of guidance.  We all can learn to build our own homes but should we?

More later and thank you for reading my thoughts! Cheryl