What makes a tiny house design right?

Do you dream of designing the perfect tiny home for yourself? Do you think you will knowif you have done it?  Designing a tiny house on wheels is not as easy but to be honest I think most people believe it is.  Over the last 3 and half years I have talked to thousands who believe their design was perfect.  Many have sent their designs by e-mail and others decided to visit me from a thousand miles away and every time I pause, studying their hard work.  Most of the time, I tryto say the right thing, "I can tell you have put a lot of time into this," or "I have never seen such creative use of space," and yet in my head I wonder why everyone thinks this is easy.  I know from experience it is not and there is always more to learn and apply.  Maybe, just maybe, I can help you get started in the right direction.

Before trying to design or look for the right design for your home I would like you to answer a few rather personal questions.  I will do my best to even offer my thoughts as to the why of these. 

What age group are you in?  Okay, if you know my educational and personal background, you will know I am asking this to help me understand what stage of life you are in. 

Many of the young adults contacting me carry huge student loans and have no credit history.  They might be in a relationship now but it could probably end at anytime.  I hate to share this but young couples that are not married typically split apart before their tiny home is completed.  Actually, over 400+ unmarried young couples have visited us and all of them are no longer together.  We know sit chat with these couples about potential problems of living in a small space without commitment because we care.  The little things that annoy them now will become larger unless they focus on the beauty outside. We share with them there are many ways we can help them at the design stage if they work different shifts or have different sleeping schedules.  If there will be babies in their future we can help their tiny home grow to accommodate their need for privacy etc. without a fortune.  

When we have a couple with small children we have other considerations especially safety.  It's amazing how many of these families want individual spaces for everyone.  The first thing I try to instill in their minds is lofts are for sleeping not for living in.  After watching so many shows on tiny houses, it seems, all of them have a theme that lofts are living spaces for everything.  We believe otherwise.  If we created comfortable headroom in a loft it impacts the gathering spaces where most time is spent.  Think about it, not all of the people wanting to live in a tiny house are under 5'10".  I may not personally know what it's like to be a 6'5" guy or girl but I have seen their struggles.  Ask anyone this tall how hard it is to take a shower in lower ceilings.  Even the International Residential Code have minimal requirements for ceiling height to have the space included in the square footage of the home.  Lofts in tiny homes on wheels should not be considered in the square footage ever, but builders are.