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Read all you can!

Tiny Diamond Homes specializes in building safe, durable, and beautiful Tiny Homes on wheels. We want our customers to be happy in their homes and want them to be equipped with everything needed for a joyful and sustainable "tiny" life.  

A growing number of customers have questions about living "off grid," or living "green."  Others have questions about where they can permanently park their Tiny Home.  We recommend you research your options carefully, and communicate your plans clearly at the outset of your consultation with our Tiny Home designer.  We will try to accommodate your needs, though our priority will be safety and compliance with building codes and best practices. 

Below are some links to information that may help you prepare for the initial build of your Tiny Home, as well as additions and upgrades you can make yourself (or with other installers) once your Tiny Home on wheels is complete!


Zoning And Land Use

American Tiny House Association

Living Legally in your Tiny Home: How to approach your local authorities.

Water Conservation (in Colorado)

Rainwater Collection in Colorado: Rain Barrels now legal. Click here for the rules!

How much rain could be collected from a Tiny Home roof? How to calculate.

Planning for water usage: statistics

Composting and Waste Management

Humanure Handbook

Humanure Headquarters

Greywater Handling

Solar and other Alternative Energy sources

Choosing the size of your solar energy system

How Do I Connect with the Tiny House Community?

American Tiny House Association

How Do I Move My Tiny House

Tiny House Transport aka Showroom Transport has proven to us their professionalism by delivering over six Tiny Diamond Homes in the last two years.  The drivers have always been qualified, personal able, helpful to our customers on delivery and more.  They provide insurance during transport and a plate if needed.  Click below and call.  Our next one will be heading from Morrison, Colorado to Houston, Texas for only $2200!  Tiny House Transport are the only ones we trust with our homes and they have proven over and over why we continue to use them!

Tiny House Transport