Morrison, Colorado

Tiny Diamond Homes

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Stair height rather than ladder height for safety.  Rolling ladder available and many other choices.

Smoke alarm,  grab bar, and now propane alarm.

Kitchen sink sits on an angle giving a large open space underneath. The faucet handle pulls out and reaches pots on the stove to fill easily with water.  All of the outlets around the sink are GFI for safety.  Light switches to the right of the sink control the bathroom light and the vent with a fan in the shower area .  Our homes are wired by a licensed electrician as required by the building department.

Why chose us?

We use every inch of the trailer for interior space to create a functional living space. What does this mean?  We have gotten hundreds of requests to build a custom home for someone.  When we design a home we visualize and take measurements of the furniture and appliances that will go into the space.  Is there room to walk around them?  Do you have to climb over the toilet to get into the shower?  If you are putting your contacts in using the mirror over the vanity, is there room for your elbows?  Where do your knees hit when sitting on the toilet.

Eighteen roof colors!

You chose the roof line after learning the compromises of each.

Ikea kitchens with pullout pantries with lots of storage.

Second storage lofts!

You chose the windows, door, lights, shower, floor, and more!

Steve Coates

Want to design and build your own home?

We don’t know everything but will guide you towards someone who will.

Secondary storage loft.