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Morrison, Colorado

Tiny Diamond Homes

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Stair height rather than ladder height for safety.  Ladders can virtually been done in any manor that works best for the homeowner.  Show us what you like best and we will provide information for you to make your best choice.

Kitchen sink sits on an angle giving a large open space underneath. The faucet handle pulls out and reaches pots on the stove to fill easily with water.  All of the outlets around the sink are GFI, which means if you drop an electrical object in it you won’t die from it.for safety.  Light switches to the right of the sink control the bathroom light and the vent with a fan in the shower area .  Our homes are wired by a licensed electrician as would be required by the building department if this were a permitted home..

Why chose us? Let’s first start with experience and company.

Steve Coates framing the rafters.  He uses a tie down to pull everything in plumb before shoot the nail.

Secondary storage loft with lights underneath for reading.  The options are endless for storage.  Now that we have been using Ikea for most of our kitchen cabinetry, we have pull-out pantry options without increasing the cost to our customers.

Why do we believe our tiny homes are worth their cost?

    Let’s start with the right foundation, a patent pending custom trailer.  We designed and engineered our foundations to endure the unique stresses a tiny home undergoes while being towed.  Just imagine your tiny home going 65 mph down the highway for endless hours.  Your house not only faces hurricane force like winds but earthquake like shaking.  How your house is designed and the materials used to build it determine how your house handles the stress.  We know how our homes on our trailers handle the stress.  The house doesn’t move because the trailer does.  We believe a trailer designed right with axles strong enough to carry the weight gives the home a proper foundation.  

    The foundation is only the beginning.  The house now needs to be attached securely to the trailer with the physics completed to handle forces greater than ever anticipated.We start with our patent pending trailer designed and engineered to endure the unique stresses a tiny home is under while being towed.  

    Now we know the home and trailer are one but that is still just the beginning.  The home has to be built light enough to tow but structural strong enough to endure.  We frame our homes to meet and/or exceed the International Residential Codes used in traditional residential construction.  The words exceed include choosing materials that when used together will stay together while being towed.  We all can visualize what flies during hurricanes and how buildings fall from earthquakes.  A tiny home going down the road at 65 mph needs to tow straight without sending projectiles into others on the road.  

   Recently, we had a professional company tow one of our homes.  The first things they wanted to know was the trailer condition and axle capacity.  Next they asked us if it carried a piece of crap of a home.  Which it did not and after 1400 miles this company said they would tow any of our homes.

   We have over the last couple of years received many custom designs from tiny home lovers.  It is fun to take out the pencil and paper to draw your dream home.  We have done it too.  However, it takes years of hands on experience to avoid huge functional mistakes.  Our promise to our customers is we will never build a home that we would not be proud of or our customer will end up with a space that just doesn’t work.  We believe it is our duty to provide a quality home that has comfortable functional space.

     This is a huge purchase and can be a wonderful lifestyle.  There are so many details to ensure a warm, strong, balanced, safe, comfortable home.  We will only build a home we are proud of:).

This tiny home is an RV lovers dream.  Say good-bye to the propane furnace running all night.  Insulation is just one of the keys.  Using a combination of RV products and residential secrets our homes  require very little to stay warm.

The gallery below is our model for the Denver Home Show being built.  It is coming along and watch its’ progress as we create it.  Please come and meet us and see what this new tiny home feels like.