Morrison, Colorado

Tiny Diamond Homes

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37 years and over 465,000 sq.ft.of residential construction gave us the experience and skills to build a tiny house that will last.

Stair height rather than ladder height for safety.  Ladders can virtually been done in any manor that works best for the homeowner.  Show us what you like best and we will provide information for you to make your best choice.

Kitchen sink sits on an angle giving a large open space underneath. The faucet handle pulls out and reaches pots on the stove to fill easily with water.  All of the outlets around the sink are GFI, which means if you drop an electrical object in it you won’t die from it.for safety.  Light switches to the right of the sink control the bathroom light and the vent with a fan in the shower area .  Our homes are wired by a licensed electrician as would be required by the building department if this were a permitted home..

Steve Coates framing the rafters.  He uses a tie down to pull everything in plumb before shoot the nail.

Secondary storage loft with lights underneath for reading.  The options are endless for storage.  Now that we have been using Ikea for most of our kitchen cabinetry, we have pull-out pantry options without increasing the cost to our customers.

Hardwood floors shine under the setting sun.

Vented washer and dryer unit next to toilet.

Lots of space.

Don’t hire a beginner builder!  Always ask what other kinds of residential projects have they completed.

Ask to see pictures and get references.  A tiny home is a huge purchase.

Experienced builders know when to not build a project.  

A quality built home requires proper usage of the right material.   

A great builder is one that will not lower their standards of quality just to sell another house.  

These pictures show our latest model being built!  Soon I will be upgrading our website with exact information about what is available for you!  A website take more time than anyone who hasn’t done can imagine.  Since I want it personal it is just me, Cheryl Coates, creating it.