Tiny Diamond Homes

We understand: every family is different! Each wants their home to be unique, and built according to their own vision.  We listen with our hearts, knowing that every house we build is someone's dream. We come alongside you and have the expertise to make those dreams come true.

We know: it takes more than a vision. It takes years of handling the materials, mastering the skills to frame and finish a home that is worthy to provide shelter and comfort to generations of families.

We share: because for us it is also about  passing expertise and knowledge on to our youth, with gentle mentoring to ensure the skills are learned and cherished. 

We work hard: because we have a dream, too. Our vision is to help our returning veterans by opening a trade school. Your Tiny Home purchase helps our company grow to realize that dream.

We believe in solid foundations: we start with our Tiny Diamond Homes Trailer, specially engineered to carry our homes safely for thousands of miles, with the proper suspension, clearance and capacity to carry the weight of the home. 

We care about safety: Colorado's Tiny Diamond Homes were the first to have windows in the loft large enough for fire escape! We were also the first to balance the weight within our homes to ensure safe and stable towing. We have the experience and expertise to think of safety issues that other companies miss. Tiny Homes on wheels face hurricane-force winds and earthquake-like shaking when on the road, towed at 65 mph. What can fly off will, and what shakes loose will bounce! Our Homes stay together on the road.

What makes a true professional craftsman and carpenter?

Experience and skills are earned with hands-on craftsmanship: carrying the tools and handling the wood.  An apprentice will mature into a true master only after coming to appreciate that the wood they fashion into a home will shelter a family just like their own.

Denver How Show.

One loft or two, whatever you want, we build for you!

Over 1 million square feet of Colorado Residential Projects built with our hands and tools!  

Over 1 million square feet of Colorado Residential Projects built with our hands and tools!