Tiny Diamond Homes

Purchasing a house is one of the milestones we have in our lives. Anyone can build one but should they?  

Colorado’s most experienced tiny home builder!  We stand behind our homes!

The ladder has large steps that were set at stair height making it easier to climb.  

Since this home we mastered the stair.  We now put it on a bar that slides with the wheels at the base of the ladder.

Grab bar, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm which is battery operated. Next to it is a is a coax cable connection for television, all right there.   Newer homes will have a propane detector as well.

Kitchen sink sits on an angle giving a large open space underneath. The faucet handle pulls out and reaches pots on the stove to fill easily with water.  All of the outlets around the sink are GFI for safety.  Light switches to the right of the sink control the bathroom light and the vent with a fan in the shower area .  Our homes are wired by a licensed electrician as required by the building department.

Our goal is to educate our customers so that they can make an informed decisions that fits their situation.  We teach our customers as many as possible options so that they can make an informed choice as to what will work best for them.  We don’t have all the answers but we are willing to learn more to help our customers.

The window at the back of the loft was chosen for its’ size.  It is a second fire escape. We want our customers to be safe.

  1.  Over thirty years of residential construction experience with references.
  2.  We believe all tiny home builders need to pass a written general contractor exam.
  3.  Local, licensed and insured general contractor with over 431,894 sq. Ft. of completed projects including 119 custom homes.
  4.  Patent pending Tiny Diamond Home trailers improve attachment and support between house and trailer.  
  5.  We believe the trailer is the foundation of a great home.  If the trailer can’t carry the weight it shouldn’t be on the road.
  6.  20 ft. Trailer 10,000 lbs. Capacity
  7.  24 ft. Trailer 15,000 lbs. Capacity
  8.  0 ft. Triple axle trailer rated to carry 18,000 lbs.
  9.  Hurricane force like winds and earthquake shaking attack a tiny home structure as it goes down the road.  
  10.  Is there a builder out there that wants their tiny home hurting anyone on the road?  Shingles equal projectiles.
  11.  Why build within Department of Transportation guidelines?  To protect everyone on the road from potential hazards.
  12.  There can never be a tiny home that is overbuilt!
  13.  New structurally sound materials instead of recycled questionable materials create our homes.
  14.  We believe our first priority is our customers safety regardless of the cost.
  15.  Our tiny homes become part of a family’s life.
  16.  We encourage our buyers to take their time and learn about tiny homes and what makes one structurally sound.
  17.  This is a huge purchase and encourage everyone to visit us.
  18.  We will personally pick you up and take you back to the airport and if you purchase one of our homes we’ll take $500 off the final price for the plane fare.
  19.  This is your home and we want to make it yours.

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Why chose us?

We use every inch of the trailer for interior space to create a functional living space. What does this mean?  We have gotten hundreds of requests to build a custom home for someone.  When we design a home we visualize and take measurements of the furniture and appliances that will go into the space.  Is there room to walk around them?  Do you have to climb over the toilet to get into the shower?  If you are putting your contacts in using the mirror over the vanity, is there room for your elbows?  Where do your knees hit when sitting on the toilet.

We have many finishing options that will not impact the price.  The roof comes in eighteen different colors including a rustic steel.  Ikea’s cabinets have opened the door to helping our out of state customers make choices while looking at the product.

Thirty years of experience makes watching my husband build fun.  He takes the time to teach our sons the reasons for the way he is framing.